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10 Heat Free Kids Natural Hairstyles for Easter


If you’re like most naturals, you remember having to hold your ear so you wouldn’t get burned, hair grease and hot combs the night before Easter, for the perfect or not so perfect, press out. These days so many women are embracing their hair every single day, holidays included and doing the same for their little ones. Easter is right around the corner. If you want your little girl to stay heat free this year then we have a ton of natural kid friendly Easter ready hairstyles to choose from. Here are 10 Natural Hairstyles perfect for Easter!

1.Braided ponytail with bow

2. Crown braid

3. Twist out ponytails

4. Front bantu knots

5. Braided buns

6. Loose pigtails

7. Twists with loose curls

8. Bun with a bang

9. Jeweled ponytails

10. Rubberband ponytail


Which of these natural hair kid styles are your favorite?

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