25 Professional Natural Hair Styles for the Workplace

Whoever told you that natural hair doesn’t belong in corporate America…lied to you.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable rocking your afro as big as you possibly can, there are plenty of natural hair styles fit for all textures and all lengths that are professional looking enough to blend into an office, yet do not at all require a relaxer. So before you decide that your workplace is no place for your hair, convince yourself otherwise and try out any of these 25 gorgeous styles for natural hair! Perfect for work, corporate, and/or those moments when you just feel like being a little fancy.

25 professional natural hairstyles for a business setting:


Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

1. Tuck, Roll & Pin

p20Photo courtesy of usmagazine.com

2. Zoe Saldana Twisted Crown

p24Photo courtesy of naturalhaireverything.tumblr.com

3. Flat Twisted Bangs + Updo

p26Photo courtesy of hi-imcurrentlyobsessed.tumblr.com

4. A Retro Pin Up

p2Photo courtesy of bronzemagonline.com

5. Keri Hilson Box Braids

p3Photo courtesy pinterest.com

6. Chunky Goddess Braids

SONY DSCPhoto courtesy of curlygirlrevolution.tumblr.com

7. Sleek & Chic Pompadour

p5Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

8. Pinned Bangs with Kinky Coils

p6Photo courtesy of facebook.com

9. A Neat “Messy” Bun

p7Photo courtesy myjetsetstyle.com

10. Solange’s Braided Pompadour 

p8Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

11. Loose Styled Curly Bob 

(To achieve this look on kinky coils, use curl rods overnight set with TGIN Twist and Define Cream)

p9Photo courtesy of luvrumcake.tumblr.com

12. A Neatly Styles Puff

p10Photo courtesy of womanandhome.com

13. Tapered Loose Curls, Kinks, or Coils

p12Photo courtesy of refinery29.com

14. The Classic TWA

p13Photo courtesy of lovelyandbrown.tumblr.com

15.  Mini Twisted Updo

p14Photo courtesy of blackhair.about.com

16. Milkmaid Braid with Bangs

p15Photo courtesy of naturallycurly.com

17. Sleek and gelled

p11Photo courtesy of hairstylesdesign.com

18. Tapered TWA

p16Photo courtesy of blackgirllonghair.com

19. Side Pin

p17Photo courtesy of naturalhairbeauty.blogspot.com

20. Flat Twisted Updo

p25Photo courtesy of livelaughlovelocs.tumblr.com

21. Twisted Locs

p18Photo courtesy of naturallycurly.com

22. Twist & Pin Updo

p19Photo courtesy of refinery29.com

23. Low Curly Bun

p21Photo courtesy of short-haircut.com

24. Straight Styled Pixie/TWA

p23Photo courtesy of polishedandcurled.tumblr.com

25. A TWA with Teeny Tiny (Subtle) Color!

What is your go-to natural hair style to wear during the work week?

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