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5 tips for recovering from chemically damaged hair

By September 3, 2021Thank God Im Natural

Unfortunately, when it comes to natural hair, there are many ways that it can be damaged, chemical damage is one of them. Chemical damage occurs when hair has been altered by using some form of treatment that chemically changes the color or texture of the hair such as; hair color or dyes, perms, relaxers and various chemical forms of hair treatments. if you have been struggling with trying to recover your chemically damaged hair, keep reading!


1.Stop chemically altering your hair

This might seem like a no-brainer to many, but to many current and former chemically-addicted girls, it’s not. If your hair seems to be in a perpetual state of chemical damage, it’s time to stop making excuses and put down the dye, relaxer, Brazilian treatment, etc, etc. Give your hair a break so it can stop breaking! Step away from all things chemicals and focus on restoring your hair by using clean products such as our Miracle RepaiRx line to help to restore the damage. The Miracle RepaiRx line helps to restore and strengthen damaged hair, bringing natural curls back to life.

2. Trim dead, damaged ends

Letting go of length can be hard, especially when having someone else cut your hair. You aren’t always sure if they’re going to take an inch or a mile and you’re left worrying if you’ll walk in with waist length and walk out with…well, nothing. Finding a trusted stylist is important. You want someone that knows natural hair and that you can trust to only get rid of the hair that is damaged. However, in bargaining with the beautician, you also have to be real with yourself. Don’t risk holding on to hair that has to go simply for the length. If your hair is damaged beyond repair, there is nothing wrong with cutting it and starting over for healthier, shiny and beautiful tendrils.

3. Stop heat styling your hair

Give the flat irons, blow dryers, curling wands and irons a rest! If you’re used to heat styling your hair often, it may be a bit of an adjustment but the last thing damaged hair needs is something that’s going to add another form of damage to it. Focus on heat-free styles where your hair can rest. Try your hand at braid outs, wash n’ gos, twist-outs and low-maintenance styles where your hair is not being constantly manipulated.

4. Treat your hair

Deep conditions, hot oil treatments, pre-poos and the like are what your hair needs right now. Baby your hair to help restore and renew it to healthier, shinier hair. The intensely hydrating, Miracle RepaiRx Deep Hydrating Hair Mask restores life to dry, damaged or color-treated hair with healing black honey and moisturizing coconut oil that helps to smooth and soften the hair while improving shine and manageability. Locks in moisture, repairs damage, and reduces shedding. The  Miracle RepaiRx Anti-Breakage Serum smoothes frizz and flyaways, adds hydration and leaves hair feeling soft and strong with vitamin E. The Miracle RepaiRx Protective Leave In Conditioner adds definition while replenishing moisture to hair, restoring softness and shine. This intense conditioner uses black castor oil and biotin to treat hair, reducing split ends and promoting hair growth. Free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing. 

5. Leave it alone

That’s right. No extensive styling, no heat styling, no chemicals, no super tight weaves, just leave it alone. Allow your hair to simply rest. Once you’ve cut out the chemicals, heat styling and dead ends, it’s time to do your restoring treatments and allow your hair to simply rest. If you must go out for errands, deep condition your hair under a hat while you’re out. Where head band wigs if you must while your hair is braided or twisted and well-conditioned underneath. You’ve spent enough time damaging your hair, it’s time to take a break and simply let your hair breathe.


What’s your go-to hair recovery treatment?