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Before you Braid: 5 Steps to Prepare Your Natural Hair for a Protective Style

By November 11, 2021Thank God Im Natural

Braid styles are great protective styles for naturals and go with any season. You can rock braids throughout the winter when you want to eliminate the stress of harsh weather conditions and the summer to eliminate the headache for yourself. In order to keep your hair well protected, beautiful and long lasting there are a few steps you should follow. Here are our 5 steps to prepare your natural hair for a protective style.

1. Deep Cleansing

Before you begin the braiding process your hair should be clean! It’s best to get rid of any build up, dirt and oil. Your foundation matters. Adding braids to dirty hair will reduce the longevity of your style. We recommend going in with your Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo. This formula is great at removing build up without harsh ingredients that would strip your hair of moisture. When cleansing your hair it’s important to focus on your scalp. Next, follow up with our Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner with shea butter and sweet almond oil to hydrate and smooth your hair or get both at $24.99


2. Deep Condition 

Next, deep condition your hair. When your hair is in a protective style you can’t always deep condition it, so it’s important to do so beforehand. Deep conditioning is vital to the health of your hair by feeding it nourishing ingredients for moisture and growth. Our best selling Honey Miracle Hair Mask does just that! It’s  like an instant makeover for dry, damaged or colored treated hair. Our luxurious deep conditioner contains raw honey for softer, shinier tresses and jojoba and olive oils, which nourish and heal strands in need of repair. Apply a generous amount of our tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask to hair and comb through to ensure thorough distribution from roots to ends. Place a plastic cap over hair and sit under the dryer for 10-15 minutes or leave on the hair for 35 minutes to 1 hour without heat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, followed by cool water to seal in the moisture. 


Try out our other masks for your hair concerns. Focusing on hair growth and length retention try our Miracle RepaiRx Deep Hydrating Hair Mask. Want hydration and frizz free styles, try our Rose Water Hydrating Hair Mask.

3. Get a Trim 

It’s best to get rid of knots and split ends before you get a protective hairstyle. Trimming your hair before getting braids can make for a smoother, neater appearance, as well as helps you to avoid excessive breakage or shedding while your hair is braided.

4. Use a Leave in Conditioner 

One of the best ways to keep your hair protected before and while it is braided is by using a leave-in conditioner before you braid your hair. Apply it sparingly as needed while the hair is braided to avoid buildup. Try our Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner which will leave hair feeling soft, smooth and manageable. You don’t have to worry about flakes and it aids in replenishing natural hair oils.


Find a Good Stylist

Here’s the last step: Find a Good Stylist. You can’t have a fabulous protective style, without having a fabulous hair stylist. Let’s face it, not everyone who knows how to braid has the experience and knowledge of a trained professional. 


Make sure that your stylist has experience caring for and styling natural hair. Remember your hair should never be too tight or uncomfortable. If your stylist doesn’t know how to properly braid without causing you pain, or ripping out your hair…RUN! Find someone who understands your hair and respects your comfort/tolerance. Protective styles can be amazing for your hair when done properly.


Hope these steps and products are helpful for you the next time you are prepping your hair for braids. 


Will you be rocking a protective style this season?


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