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The Best tgin Products for High Porosity and Low Porosity Hair

By January 16, 2020Thank God Im Natural

There are so many ways to categorize natural hair from hair types to texture to porosity. With so many categorizers out there it can often be difficult to know which one your hair texture falls into and what are the best products to use for your hair texture, type and porosity level. Luckily tgin is here to help you find out which products will work best for your hair porosity level. First off here is how to discover your hairs porosity.


Low porosity hair typically has a tightly bound cuticle and it is harder for water to penetrate however once water does penetrate the hair shaft it can stay moisturized for long periods of time. Low porosity hair can often suffer from product buildup especially from protein filled products. The best products to use for low porosity hair are products that are lighter and liquid based that contain humectants such as honey which draws in moisture and moisturizers that have emollients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.  A good leave in to use for low porosity hair is our Twist and Define Cream as it contains coconut oil as one of the first ingredients our twist and define cream keeps hair smooth and shiny while hydrating dry strands and reducing frizz and flyaways. Another great product to use for low porosity hair is our Honey Miracle Hair Mask. Honey being an natural humectant draws moisture to low porosity hair.

High porosity hair has holes and gaps in the hair cuticle that can often be caused from damage to the hair shaft through treatments or day to day wear and tear. Due to the gaps and holes in the hair shaft too much moisture can be let into the hair which makes it easily susceptible to tangling and frizz when in humidity. Even daily activities likes showering can cause problems for high porosity hair as over exposure to moisture can lead to breaking. While high porosity hair takes in moisture very easily it also loses it easily. The best products to use for high porosity hair are anti-humectants, protein treatments once a month, shea butter, olive oil, castor and avocado oil. These allow moisture to stay in hair without oversaturating.  Our Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer is a good leave in for high porosity hair as shea butter is the leading ingredient it keep hair moisturized, reduces frizz and flyaways and improves shine and softness. Our Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food also contains shea butter and restore nutrients in hair, while hydrated dry hair and promoting healthy hair growth. 


Do you know your hairs porosity?