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5 Things to Do When Your Hair Stops Growing

By April 22, 2021Thank God Im Natural


At one point your natural hair seemed to be growing like a weed and now it seems to have come to a complete halt! You check your hair growth monthly and you are at the same length you’ve been at for the last three months! Most likely it’s not that your hair has stopped growing but that it is breaking at the same rate that it is growing, causing you not to see any hair growth. If you haven’t noticed any hair growth and it seems your hair has come to a stand still, here are some tips and trips that may help you to see more healthy hair growth.

1. Drink More Water

Your body is made up of water and needs water to function properly. Lack of water can cause hair shedding which can make your hair appear as if it isn’t growing. Increasing your water intake should show you results in your hair growth!

2. Properly Detangle 

If you are guilty of detangling while your hair is dry, running a small tooth comb through your hair, or simply not gently detangling, you could be causing your hair to break, making it appear as if it isn’t growing. Detangling should be done on wet hair with a wide tooth comb or fingers. To properly detangle, you must start from the ends and gently work your way to the top. Detangling is by no means hard, but it definitely takes patience.

3. Stop Using Drying Products

Unfortunately, hair products that contain sulphates can be extremely drying to hair and can cause breakage. If you have been using drying products consistently it can definitely play a role in hair loss and breakage. Switch to sulphate free products. Try tgin’s Moisture Rich Sulphate Free Shampoo and Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner for optimal moisture.

4. Avoid Excessive Heat 

Excessive heat usage can cause heat damage, breakage and overall damaged hair. When heat is used on hair in excess, hair can become brittle and break. Avoiding heat as much as possible can help to eliminate loss of hair and damage.

5. Eat More Nutritious Foods 

Just like water, our bodies thrive on receiving the proper nutrients. Dark green leafy vegetables are perfect for helping your body,  hair, skin and nails healthy! Stock up on fruits and veggies the next time you are at the grocery store and avoid fatty foods and junk!

What Steps will You be Taking to Get Your Hair Back on the Right Track?


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