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BHM: Hampton University Bans Business Majors from Wearing Cornrows and Dreadlocks

By June 5, 2012tgin + news

HAMPTON, Va. – Afros are OK but cornrows and flowing dreadlocks are not for business administration students at Hampton University.

The hair code is part of a strict academic and dress doctrine for combined business administration students at the private, historically black university. The program allows students to receive a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in business administration in five years.

In addition to the hair rules, students must maintain a B average after their sophomore year, heed a conservative dress code, complete two internships and meet regularly with business leaders.

“Afros are OK but cornrows and flowing dreadlocks are not…’We don’t have problems with Afros,’ business Dean Sid Credle said Friday. ‘A nicely tapered Afro – that’s fine.’”

Credle said the dress, grooming and behavior rules are intended to prepare students for the starched business world.

“When we look at the top 75 African Americans in corporate America, we don’t see any of them with extreme hairdos,” he said.

That’s great and all, but where have these kind of policies, which encourage conforming gotten us ladies and gentlemen? What does it say about us when black institutions encourage its members to adopt these policies? Looking forward to your feedback.