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Breast Cancer and the COVID 19 Vaccine What you Need to Know



If you currently have breast cancer, are in recovery,  have a loved one suffering from breast cancer or family history of breast cancer, you may be wondering if the COVID 19 vaccines will affect you. The COVID-19 vaccines that are currently being administered are considered to be safe as well as effective in most cases.

Medical groups including the CDC and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network have recommended that people with cancer be prioritized for the vaccine but It is still always recommended to speak with your doctor regarding the best options for you.

For more information about COVID 19 and cancer patients click here. 

Lyft is partnering with the tgin Foundation for a bigger impact. We have opened rides NATIONWIDE and to include COVID vaccinations. Due to COVID-19, there is a rise of concern for individuals with cancer or a history of cancer.

Rides Save Lives

We have partnered with Lyft to provide affordable and reliable transportation services to individuals going to and from facilities to receive a Covid-19 vaccination, or going for a breast health appointment at the same time.

The new ride program is open to eligible persons, and women can combine their vaccine appointment and go to a breast health appointment at the same time.

Appointments are required, so everyone must contact the location to arrange an appointment. To find a COVID-19 location in your area, go to

Lyft awarded the grant in 2020 to the tgin Foundation to aid the Foundation’s mission to support African American women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, highlight the impact of health disparities on survivor outcomes, and stress the importance of early detection for women under the age of 40. The results of the grant were successful in removing transportation barriers to health for 167 women of color residing in the Chicagoland area.

Will you be utilizing this program?


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