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Natural Chic of the Week: Television Reporter Tonya Benjamin

By June 5, 2012tgin + news

My grandma, your grandma and any wise woman who has lived a little all subscribe to the same doctrine: Things happen in threes. For Tonya Mosley transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, the old saying rang true. Two years ago during a break from work, Mosley and a co worker stopped into a hair supply store where she picked up a relaxer for a touch up. After explaining to her co-worker what the relaxer was and what it does to one’s hair, he said “That’s crazy. Why don’t you wear your natural hair?” Having her baby girl three years ago also helped push Mosley to embrace her natural hair because she didn’t want her daughter perming her tresses. And a not so dope haircut helped to finalize the deal and usher in the “big chop”

Tonya’s newcaster do before the Big Chop


Here’s how Tonya looks reporting the news after the Big Chop

Despite the signs, the decision to go natural wasn’t made without serious thought for the Seattle, Washington channel 5 news reporter. But to Mosley’s surprise, going natural resulted in a flood of compliments from the higher ups as well as some extra fan mail from her viewers. Now yes, most television reporters are extra fly these days with their pearly white teeth, perfect posture and bone straight hair. But Mosely stands tall commanding the same respect as her peers, but she’s getting a little extra camera time to because she was bold enough to do it her way, which is something we at Thank God I’m Natural definitely support.

Longitude and Latitude

Seattle, WA

What keeps the bills paid?

I’m a television reporter and recently launched a new lifestyle blog,, devoted to everything natural — hair, food, clothing, you name it.

What advice would you give to those going from relaxed to natural hair?

Patience is a virtue!

Ok. Dish on some of your products you heart to death.

Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and water.

Any favorite books you like to read about natural hair?

I actually enjoy the Thank God I’m Natural blog and books along with, and “Hair Story”

What is your hair routine/regime?

I wash and go four days a week, and for the other three days, I sprits with water and massage in coconut oil.

What are your favorite hair styles?

Currently, I’m wearing a curly fro.

How do the higher ups dig your do?

I’ve had no negative experiences. Viewers have been great and so have my co-workers! I’ve even received emails and letter mail from women of all shades giving me kudos. Some have even asked for advice!

How do the dudes take to your hair?

My husband loves my hair!

How does your family feel about your natural hair?

My friends and family have been wonderful, although before chopping off my hair my sweet grandma said, “What about your career?”

Who is your hair muse?

I do think it’s interesting that Oprah says she hasn’t had a relaxer in over a year. Her hair is really long.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy reading, writing, spending time with my family, running and blogging

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I’m a Nordie’s girl (Nordstrom) but I’ve recently adopted a natural lifestyle, so I’m now checking out designers who use organic fabrics.

What are you listening to on your iPod?

I’m listening to a little bit of everything. It may sounds funny, but Maxwell and NPR’s “This American Life” are always on heavy rotation.

Before we wrap, tell us more about your new online magazine, The New Naturalista.

This year I’m looking forward to experiencing the journey to becoming a healthier me, for myself and my family. No more scales. No more “diet” foods. Good wholesome foods — and along with them, lessons on how to cook them. New ways to get in exercise that’s not only challenging but fun! I’m doing away with products with ingredients I can’t pronounce, instead using what is made from the earth. I’m sharing what I’ve discovered, with you on my new blog/lifestyle magazine We really have no more excuses right? It’s a new year, a new me – The New Naturalista.

Thank you again Tonya for showing us how to keep it natural and chic. If you would like to be considered for natural chic of the week, please email