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TGIN Pink/Green Now in Stock. . . Just in Time for Summer

By June 5, 2012tgin + news

I just picked up a sample pink and green Thank God I’m Natural t-shirt for the summer and they’re the BOMB. Although the lady on the tee looks white in the pictures, she’s actually pink. I’m not a “girly girl” by any stretch of the imagination, but these shirts are soooooooo cute. If you don’t believe me, the white girl who works at the shop sent me the following email when I got home:

So, after you left today, I hopped online and found your facebook page; which I promptly fanned and recommended to some friends. I also played around on your site! I think I’m going to have a get a shirt…I’m telling you, the green is invigorating! It just looks happy and energetic!

To place an order, visit the TGIN Store and make sure to indicate green shirt at the time of purchase, otherwise you will receive our standard black tee.

Although these shirts have nothing to do with any sorority, my girlfriend did insist that I special order her a red and white shirt so that she could represent for DST, so I’ll post her picture later this week. If you’re interested in seeing any other color combinations, post them in the comments or on Facebook and if there is enough demand, we’ll add them to the stock.