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TGIN’s Top 8 Natural Celebrities

By June 5, 2012tgin + news

Music is beyond powerful. An old song can come on the radio and make us feel feelings we thought were long gone, or at best buried deep inside. Today, Thank God I’m Natural pays tribute to the natural artists that made our hearts sing and whose music became the soundtrack to our lives.


Ever since the New Jersey native dropped The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, she’s had fans salivating for more. The mother of five has been M.I.A for quite some time, but has been performing at concerts across the nation. Word on the street Ms. Hill might be back in the studio. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to beg, borrow and steal to get that new album, whenever that might be.


We might be cheating by having Maxwell on the list because he has cut his hair, but still, the man is fine as all get out! When he invited us to cool out with him in his Urban Hang Suite, we were hooked (don’t front). But that didn’t last too long. The Columbia Records recording artist took seven years off. But when he came back, he came back strong with Blacksummer’snight and a crisp Ceaser. I’m fanning myself just thinking about him. Good God!

Jilly from Philly

Jill Scott is a modern day Renaissance woman! She’s a singer, an actress, a writer, and mother to her son Jet. Reppin’ the 215th for the lady’s, Jill shows us that she is a reflection of all black women and that there isn’t nothing we can’t do, and for that we are always in debt to her.


For some, this name might not be as popular as the other three artists on the list, but Dwele is no slouch. With hits such as A.N.G.E.L and I Think I Love You, Dwele makes us all feel good with his smooth voice and lyrics. He’s even worked with Mr. West on several tracks. But when alone in the studio, Dwele’s calm voice make us women feel like our high school crush just asked us out. It gives us tingles all over.

Amel Larrieux

As one half of the 90s R&B group Groove Theory, Amel warmed our hearts with her tender and sweet soprano voice. But like most good things, the duo went their separate ways. After a few years, and sporadic small club venue performances, Larrieux reemerged with her record Bravebird and captivated us all over again. Thank God, because we needed it.


This ‘fro and pic is so famous, I’m surprised it’s not a trending topic of Twitter. During the day, Amir Thompson plays percussion for his band The Roots. At night, he uses his musical powers to produce music for anyone from R&B freshman Melanie Fiona to soul heartthrob John Legend. Yea, ?uest is pretty much THAT DUDE!

Erykah Badu

When theTexas native dropped 1997’s Baduizm, we were all under her spell, whether we liked it or not. Badu, who is famous for simplistically-complex lyrics, leaves us spell bound every time she sings, which is why we never want her to step away from the mic.


While he may be considered “underground” by some, Bilal has worked with the greats, including some of the other artists on our list. With his debut album 1st Born Second he told us about his “Soul Sistah.” Although Bilal is sans locs, he’s still one of our favs.