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How to Keep Curls Refreshed in Between Washes

By April 16, 2021Thank God Im Natural

Keeping hair refreshed in between washes can feel like a full-time job. With hairs natural oils not being able to travel as freely down the thick coils and curls of natural hair, it can leave hair looking lackluster and dull. You can keep curls refreshed in between washes with a few quick tips and tricks.


Curl Refreshers

The Rose Water Curl Refresher is the perfect pick me up for even the most dull lifeless curls. Our special formula is enriched with rose water and coconut oil to hydrate, smooth and refresh overworked kinks, curls, and waves. The life of your curls is extended without refreshing, hair is left soft, manageable and moisturized and shine and frizz is reduced.

Pineapple method

The pineapple method can help to keep curls looking refreshed in between washes. The pineapple method is when curls are placed in a high, loose ponytail that helps to keep curls well defined.

Silk and satin pillow cases 

Silk and satin pillow cases can help curls stay looking refreshed in between washes. Silk and satin pillow cases also help to keep curls looking well hydrated and allow moisture to stay locked in similar to silk and satin scarves or bonnets.

How do you keep your curls refreshed in between washes?