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How to Preserve Your DIY Homemade Natural Hair Products

By November 5, 2020Thank God Im Natural

If you are adventurous enough to concoct your own hair products in your own kitchen — which many naturals are — then be sure you are taking precautionary measures to be very careful with preserving and making your products! The perk of natural homemade products is that they DON’T have harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives. The downside is the lack of preservatives can cause your homemade remedies to go bad. Here are a few tips to help preserve your natural hair products. 

Ensure Proper Cleaning Practices for your Workspace and Tools

Before getting started on your products, you need to work with clean hands, surfaces and tools. Make sure you clean containers before and after use. You don’t want to risk contamination. Another important consideration is what products you are using to clean your hands and tools. Consider using eco friendly, non-toxic cleaners. These types of cleaning products will help eliminate harmful ingredients being transferred into your batches. 


Research the Ingredients you are working with

Before mixing ingredients based on smell or feel, go deeper.  You should thoroughly study your ingredients before using them. Consider the benefits, reactions to the hair/skin and reactions with other ingredients. This will help you avoid mixing ingredients that don’t work well together.


Use Preservatives

It is extremely important to add natural preservatives to your homemade products. Great options for natural preservatives are rosemary, jojoba, vitamin E and Grapefruit Seed Oil. Grapefruit Seed Oil  is also a natural antimicrobial, when added to oils reduce the rate of oil oxidation and prolong shelf life. 


Protect your Products From Sunlight 

Sunlight and warmth are the enemy to your natural products and increase the likelihood of them going bad. It is best to store your products in a cool, dry place. We recommend the refrigerator and the use of dark containers. Dark containers will help to prevent light from penetrating through the product.

Keep water out!

If you don’t need to use water, DON’T! Avoid the use of water in your natural products because it feeds bacteria. Also, water based products prevent natural preservatives from working at their best. If you have to use water in your homemade products, we suggest distilled water, preservatives and refrigeration. 


Homemade solutions are quite popular! As more and more people are getting their hands in the mix and sharing recipes, we wanted to talk about preservation. Homemade products are great because they DON’T have harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives, but they aren’t much if they don’t last. We hope these helpful tips become a guide for you as you prepare your product solutions!