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Reduce Natural Hair Shrinkage without Heat

By April 23, 2021Thank God Im Natural


Shrinkage seems to be almost inevitable when it comes to natural hair. While shrinkage can ruin a big hair day, it can also be an indication of healthy hair, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you often have shrinkage. However, if you want to show off your curls, length and fullness, keep reading to find out how to stretch your curls naturally.


The banding method

The banding method is when you place your hair in ponytails while it’s wet or dry along the length of your hair. The banding method helps to hold your stretched hair in place, elongating your natural curls. This method can be done for a few hours or even overnight to give your hair more stretch.


Twists or braids 

Twisting or braiding your hair is another great way to stretch your natural curls. While this method may slightly give you a different temporary curl pattern, it will also give you gorgeous stretched curls. This method can be done by either doing individual twists or braids throughout your hair, or french braids. Once the style is taken down you can gently pick out your roots for even more fullness. Our customer favorite, Twist and Define Cream infused with coconut oil and vitamin e works wonders when it comes to adding shine, stretch, and hydration while fighting frizz and flyaways.

Pineapple method 

The pineapple method is another great way to stretch natural hair as well as maintain curls overnight. The pineapple method is when you move all of your hair forward and then place in a loose ponytail or bun at the top of your head. A great product to pair with this style is the Rose Water Curl Refresher.The Refresher is the perfect pick me up for even the most dull lifeless curls. Our special formula is enriched with rose water and coconut oil to hydrate, smooth and refresh overworked kinks, curls, and waves.


Have you tried these methods?


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