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Skin Benefits of Shea Butter

By September 10, 2021Thank God Im Natural

Shea butter, is a fat that comes from the nuts of karité trees that grow in the Sahel region extending from West to East Africa, from Guinea and Senegal to Uganda and South Sudan.  In recent years, shea butter has become popular in both hair and skin care. In skin, shea butter can help to moisturize dry, itchy and irritated skin as well as has been said to have sun-protecting properties.


Shea butter is best used when skin is damp directly after showering to better penetrate the skin cells and applied as you would your traditional body butter or lotion. Shea butter has been said to ease the symptoms of skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and dry, itchy, red scalp and skin. When applied to the skin, shea butter immediately starts to smooth and soothe the skin leaving it well-nourished and deeply hydrated.

Our Organic Shea Butters work to keep your hands, feet, lips, and hair soft all winter long. If you like shea butter, you’re going to love our all natural organic shea body butter, which has a smooth and creamy texture, no grit, and a light and pleasant scent. Rich in both vitamin A and vitamin E, our shea butter can be used to treat dry skin, sunburns, cuts, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, chapped lips, dark spots, scars, stretch marks, blemishes, diaper rash, dark under eye circles, and fine lines and wrinkles as part of your night time beauty treatment. An ultra-nourishing spot treatment to soften even the driest skin.


For centuries, shea butter has been called “women’s gold” not only for its rich golden color (although shea butter can also sport a deep ivory hue, depending on the region) but also because it primarily provides employment and income to millions of women across the continent. Through our shea butter, we are committed to supporting the economic advancement of women, not only abroad, but also at home. has been used for decades for hair, skin and consuming.

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