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TGIN Holiday Hair Dos: 10 Natural Styles that Will Take You From the Boardroom to the Ballroom

Alright chicas, I’m sure we’re all still recovering from the massive come up we experienced on Black Friday. But now, there’s a new mission: Our Holiday Hair Dos.

For some of us who have been dating a new guy, and received an invite to spend the holidays with his family, this post is for you.

For those attending the annual office Christmas party, this post is for you. It could probably get you noticed by that cutie in accounting.

Or if you want to end the year on a high note, and start the new one the same way, either way this post is for you!

Take a gander at some of our favorite and festive hair dos. Trust me; you’re going to want to partake in one of these hairstyles, because Santa will consider you naughty if your edges aren’t nice!

The Side Sweep –

For our long haired lovelies

Why it works: The side sweep first came alive in the 80s, and was all the rage amongst young girl. Now, we more seasoned women can wear it as well and not only look age appropriate but even sexy.

Level of difficulty: All you need is a cute little clip and you are good to go!

The Pompadour –

For our Janelle Monae natural

Why It Works: The Pompadour is as old as time, and has been remixed countless times. The reason why this hair style is a keeper is because any style that allows you to show off your beautiful shoulders adds just a sprinkle of sex appeal, without being too abrasive. I say go for it.

Level of difficulty: All you need is some Bobby Pins and you’re pretty much good.

The Wavy ‘Fro –

For our Bohemian naturals

Why it works: Give me one good reason why it doesn’t? The ‘fro is a great way to showcase your beautiful face, your lovely natural hair and I bet you’ll make a grand entrance when you walk into the room.

Level of difficulty: This style right here is easy as pie.

Photo Courtesy of Khamit Kinks

The Updo –

For our LOCK and key women

Why it works: If you have lengthy locs, I’m sure wearing it down can get a little boring. If you were it up and add a curl or two, it can give you a whole new look and might get you some good attention.

Level of difficulty: This might actually take some skill, but if you’re talented enough or have a great hair stylist, I say it shouldn’t take long.

Photo Courtesy of Hair by Nedjetti

Short ‘fro –

For our newbie naturals

Why it works: Ladies, sometimes our biggest fear about going natural is how we would look after we did the big chop. Now of course we’re all not this model, but as you can see the Big Chop has a big affect. It’ll give you a fresh look, and just like the afro, showcase that gorgeous face of yours.

Level of difficulty: All you need is a pair of scissors and courage.

Shirley Temple Curls –

For our Curly Sue Naturals

Why it works: This style works because it’s cute, its flirty, it’s girly and it fun. Just the thought of these cute curls puts me in the holiday spirit.

Level of difficulty: All you need is curling iron and you’re in it to win it.

The Twist Out –

For our festive females

Why It Works: The twist out is such a staple hair style for us naturals. It can be dressed up with great make up and earrings, or dressed down. If you’re not sure of what to do with your hair for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with this.

Level of difficulty: If you’ve never done a twist out before, I suggest practicing once or twice before the party. But if you know what you’re doing, this is as simple as A. B. C

The Playful Pin-Up

The Flirt

Why it works: Updos are always a winner, whether they’re perfectly polished or purposefully messy. Plus, there’s no better way to show off your pretty face and a sexy neck than by pulling up your hair.

Level of difficulty: For added texture and fullness, braid or twist dry hair the night before and undo the following day.

Photo Courtesy: Synergi Salon (Columbus, Ohio); Stylist Renee Moore

Blow Out/Press & Curl –

The Diva

Why it Works: Natural hair may be in, but the straight sleek look rarely goes out of style. This look oozes sophistication and is perfect for the office holiday party or dinner with your better half.

Level of Difficulty: You’re going to need a good blow dryer and flat iron to achieve this style. Hair straightening is not difficult, but trying to maintain a straight style can be extremely difficult if you sweat, work out, or lead an active lifestyle. You also need to be careful with the amount of heat you achieve to use this look as you can permanently alter your curl pattern.


Why it works: Braids are not only professional, but they can also be glamourous as shown by Rutina Wesley shown here. Pin them up, rock them half up/half down or style them in a fashionable updo. No matter you can’t go wrong with this low maintenance look.

Level of Difficulty: All you need is a hair tie and some bobby pins to make you a standout at any holiday affair.

The Bun –

Why it works: A bun is timeless, classic, elegant, and refined. It’s been re-created so many different times into different styles and yet the common denominator is always the same: simple style. If you’re ever in doubt about how to wear your locs, fro, kinky twists or whatever hair style you might have, just throw it in a bun.

Level of difficulty: Easy. Even the novice can master this look. For bun inspirations, check out QurlyQts Fotki album.

So there you have it ladies. Pick from the bundle and make your hair stand out, because if not, Santa WILL NOT give you a present for the holidays, and we wouldn’t want that now would we. So, let us know how you plan on wearing your hair.

Feel free to post your photos online in our Holiday Hair Album on Facebook for a chance to win a free TGIN Bling Shirt.

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