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Three Things to Start Doing Every Week in The Name of Self Care

Self-care is a must no matter the day, month or year. It is imperative to prioritize your self care in order to insure that you are operating at your fullest potential in life. So often as women, we view self care as spoiling ourselves or a luxury that we can’t afford. However, caring for ourselves is a need that if we don’t practice often can lead to burn out, depression and simply not living the life we deserve. If you have been wondering what self care practices you can start doing weekly, keep reading!


Prioritizing alone time 

Alone time is crucial to our mental health. If we are always surrounded by others, be that friends, partners, children, family, how are we able to recharge? You need alone time to be with your own thoughts, to navigate through your thoughts and feelings, to decompress, to simply enjoy yourself, by yourself. Make a habit of mapping out time each day to be alone. Even if you have children, find time where their dad, a relative, or nanny can watch them or if they are old enough, where they can be alone while you unwind. If you are childless, this should be even easier. Even if you have a spouse, partner or roommates, make time for you. Watch a movie, jot down your thoughts, exercise, meditate, cook and enjoy a nice meal, whatever you need to feel rejuvenated, do it. Trust me you will thank yourself later.

Exercise to feel better

While exercising may feel like real work, it’s actually great for self care. Exercising helps you to stay in shape, burn calories, sweat out toxins, and can help prevent many diseases. Many people find exercising to be therapeutic as well as good for their mental health as well. Spend time exercising daily even if it is just 15 minutes a day, be sure to get in some form of movement especially if you are sedentary most of the day.

Treat yourself

You should be treating yourself as often as possible. Typically when we feel as if we aren’t receiving enough from others, it is because we also aren’t giving enough to ourselves. When we prioritize our own happiness, we no longer feel lack and everything else we receive is in excess to what we’ve already given ourselves. Whether you are treating yourself to your favorite meal, a manicure, a massage, an at-home spa day, taking yourself on a date, reading a new book, watching the movie you’ve been dying to see,  day at the beach, a new purse, whatever it is that you consider a treat, that is within your budget, do it. You deserve to celebrate yourself and often. Treat yourself to something nice this week in the name of self care!


How do you practice self care?